Drummond printing provides high-quality offset printing services at affordable prices and has catered to business that have extended out of Singapore for over 3 decades. Powered by state-of-the art technology. Drummond Printing offers fast turnaround on large volume jobs without compromising quality.


Since 1978, offset printing has been our most established and core service. Our offset printing service in Singapore goes back a long way. Started out with only a single colour press, our capability has gone from strength to strength. Now Drummond has 4 colour press of different sizes and we now can run 12000 sheets of 4 colour print in an hour.

Offset Printing uses plates to transfer image onto a sheet of paper. It provides very real colour reproduction and crisp professional looking printing. Offset printing is often preferred for print job greater than 1000 quantity. The more you print the cheaper it gets. It also allows the use of special metallic ink and Pantone colours.

Drummond has offset machine of various sizes. Our team of professional will assess your printing needs and use the most suitable and efficient machine to run your job. You will certainly get the best offering at an attractive package. This is our way of providing value to our customer. With a more complete fleet of machines, we are almost certain that your job will not be delayed or compromised.

At Drummond, we want to assure quality and close control of our delivery schedule. That is why we develop our own Computer to Plate (CTP) capability in-house as well. From artwork to offset plate, we are able to do within half an hour. During pre-press proofing, our client is almost assure that we can do everything within 2 hours, from casting of plates to run and re-run.

Drummond’s maturity in offset printing goes back a long way. Look no further if you need offset printing service in Singapore.