Our Philosophy

At Drummond, we sum up our philosophy in a single phrase. A simple yet profound phrase that defines what we do best:

Transcending Quality, Imprinting Trust since 1978.

What does it mean for you as a client? It means that you can count on us to offer you:

1.Utmost Standard

That we provide only the best-in-class printing services of superior quality and excellent craftsmanship. That we do not compromise on our standard for a quick profit. That the final product will be exactly as you imagined it.


Among our codes of business conduct, integrity stands out as the key driver of our corporate culture. Drummond demonstrates high integrity in all our business undertakings and deals with every of our clients with honesty and openness, leaving no ambiguity in any of our transactions or communications.

3.Customer-centric Service

Our focus has always been first and foremost our customers, whom which our business is built around. We aim to bring the best customer experience through our innovation, high standards, timeliness and dependability.


Our long history and strong reputation spell one thing — reliability. For over 35 years, we have gained the trust and confidence of our customers through our dependable services and uncompromising quality that most often surpass their expectations. From there, we built our competency in offering a full array of solutions that are holistically created to add value to their businesses. Whether it is a high-profile, nationwide campaign or a one-time event that requires a small quantity of printed material, over the years, our clients have demonstrated full confidence in our services. As their trusted printing partner, we have built a robust reputation for reliability upon which our unwavering relationship is based.


Whatever we do, we do not compromise our quality for a quick reward. Not since we started our printing business in 1978. Awarded the ISO9001 Certification, Drummond maintains a rigorous quality control management system that promises high standards and consistency in all our products and services. With the certification, our employees have adopted a set of procedures that improves work efficiency and ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction. By subjecting our process to independent audit, we demonstrate our long-term commitment to product quality, on-time delivery and utmost professionalism.


Pressured by tight deadlines and unexpected projects? We guarantee that your print jobs are completed right on time while maintaining superb quality. Fulfilling our delivery promise is key to our customer service. Be it a small printing job or a complex multi-product project, we ensure timely delivery of all our printing jobs, every time. Our myriad of products and services allow you to select the right type of printing that suits your delivery requirements. Whether it is offset, digital or large format printing, our turnaround will always meet or even exceed the industry standard.